GoldSTAR Smart Ticketing

Apps and add-ons to support your smart products

Since its first incarnation in the late 1990's, GoldSTAR has evolved to meet the needs of our customers. In recent times, ticketing has moved away from paper and towards other media such as smart cards for season tickets. We've added lots of functionality to GoldSTAR to support this shift. Here is a brief overview of recent enhancements - please contact us to discuss in context of your own GoldSTAR implementation. 

GoldSTAR Foundation

Enhancements to the basic functionality mean that you can use a passengers' smart card number to find their GoldSTAR record. The ISRN can be added as one of the identities, and used in manual searches or through interfaces to provide ticket issuing systems with the data they need. You don't even need to key in all 16 digits, as the system can be programmed to accept as few as the last 4 digits. This works in addition to the traditional search keys such as photocard and postcode. 

GoldSTAR Mobile

The latest version of the GSM module (which can be used stand-alone for Revenue Protection or integrated with your mobile TIS) can be configured to read ITSO smart cards using the device's NFC reader, and display the card content. This is particularly useful for On-Train RPOs or gateline staff, and can assist if the passenger is unable to operate gates with their card.

GoldSTAR Station Staff App

A new Android app is available that will read an ITSO card, draw down and display information from the card itself, Rail Delivery Group's TMS and GoldSTAR, giving your front line staff all the data they need without even pushing a button. The app also uses RDG's Part 11 service to fulfil any products awaiting download to the card, and will apply product or shell hotlists if applicable.  Designed for on-line use (via WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity) this app is aimed specifically at gateline staff or 'platform walkers' who can help passengers with issues at gates or queries about the products on their cards. 


An Android app combined with 3rd party smart card printers, LCI allows you to produce smart cards at stations. Ticket office staff can use the app to call up customer details from GoldSTAR, or enter customer data directly, and produce an ITSO smart card immediately, either blank for a non-season ticket product to be retailed, or with the customer's current season ticket pre-loaded. RDG's TMS system, HOPS and your GoldSTAR system are all updated once the card is produced.