Interface modules EOL

Team Technologies announce the end of support for the following GoldSTAR modules. 

Over recent years, our customers have progressively updated and replaced their ticket issuing systems (TIS), to the extent that the modules listed below are not currently in use by any live system. To our knowledge, the TISs referred to are now obsolete and we have therefore decided to end the sale, maintenance and support of the related interface modules. 

We will not supply and install these modules for any customer with effect from 1st January 2021. 

We will cease to issue any updates / new functionality for these modules with effect from 1st January 2021.

We will continue to provide support and bug fixes for these modules until 31st December 2021 for any customer who informs us that they wish to use them, and who continues to have a valid maintenance agreement covering these modules.

Affected Modules

GoldSTAR TSA - Interface for ATOS (Shere) Tribute Ticket Office Machine

GoldSTAR TSS - Interface for ATOS (Shere) Smart Ticket Office Machine

GoldSTAR TSV - Interface for Vix CCC Ticket Office Machine

Contact Us

If you believe that your GoldSTAR system will be adversely affected by this withdrawal, please contact us immediately via email to or contact our sales team on 01635 862255, and choose menu option 1.